Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tan, Exhausted, and Unready

(Art by Adam Hughes)
I just discovered that the schedule has an inconsistency in it. Rather than go back and sneakily edit "Because You Demanded It..." (2/16/07), I thought I'd bring it to your attention with this new entry. The trouble was that the schedule had us reviewing four pages pp. after only having drawn three. So a new, closely edited schedule appears below.

Let us agree that we (by which I mean you) will return from spring break with three penciled pages. Most of you are pretty close to or ahead of that pace. But this does include revised pages--please show us that you have taken to heart the trenchant yet caring commentary of your fellow students and mine, and made changes to maximize the effect of your pages. No ego-driven coddling of your precious darlings por favor; put the horrid little bastards on a treadmill till they're lean, mean and gleaming. And I mean three penciled pages. If you've jumped ahead and gone to inks on any pages, please provide a xerox or print of those pages as penciled or get yourself busy on making a new penciled page. I'm adamant on this point; I made it clear you were to have pencils and inks to show for yourself at the end of the semester.

Here's the schedule for the rest of the semester, revised.

Meeting 8 (Tuesday27Mar) Midterm Quiz (see details below). Review first 3 pages of pencils. Assign next two pages of pencils (through p. 5), changes to p. 3.

Meeting 9 (Tuesday3Apr) Review next two page of pencils (through p. 5). Assign final page of pencils. Make 100% Xeroxes or PS Scans of all pencils for inclusion in final pitch packet -- BEFORE ANY INKING!! Reminder to bring inking kit and xeroxes of pencils to next class. Then INKING LAB 2. In-class inking exercises.

Meeting 10 (Tuesday10Apr) Final Review of pencils. Bring xeroxes or email jpegs to John. Assign penciling of character sketches, three cover layouts. Catch up for coming benchmark. VIZ TOUR???????????????

Meeting 11 (Tuesday17Apr) Review of character sketches, cover layouts. Final tweaks on pencils in class! New xeroxes as needed. Benchmark: all pencils finished, corrected! Assign cover pencils, optional inking of character sketches.

Meeting 12 (Tuesday24Apr) Review of cover pencils. INKING LAB 3? In-class assignment: inking of provided panels? Assign two pages of inking, plus (optional) getting one's own files ready for upcoming Photoshop lab.

Meeting 13 (Tuesday1May) Review of first two pages of inking. Assign next two pages inking, (through page 4), PHOTOSHOP LAB DAY

Meeting 14 (Tuesday8May) Review of next two pages of inking (through p. 4). Assign last two pages of inking, plus possibly cover inks. Reminder to touch up smears, erase margins, etc. Remind of possible potluck Banquet of Snacks.

Meeting 15 (Tuesday15May) Presentation of Final projects. Turn in Xeroxes of same, including copies of pencils, to John. ALL-POSITIVE COMMENTS DAY. Discussion of approaching publishers, professional conduct, further schooling, written part of pitches career benefits of storytelling skills. Potluck snack banquet? GUEST REVIEWER Chuck Pyle

So... the Midterm quiz: please review this list of terms from the blog of Week Two. You should be able to explain or provide an example of each.

  • "Drawing Through
  • ""Even if you can't see it, it still shows"
  • Contrapposto
  • Canon(s) of proportions
  • Line of action
  • Atmospheric perspective
  • 2-point perspective
  • 3-point perspective always involves either the...
  • zenith or the..
  • nadir

  • Establishing shot
  • Close-up
  • Extreme close-up
  • Medium shot
  • Two-shot
  • Three-shot
  • Dutch angle ("camera" is tilted)
  • 180 rule
  • Prop continuity
  • "Variety and Unity"
  • "breathing room" and its close cousin, open areas (white paper)
  • Eye-path
  • Shape schemes, ala Frazetta's triangles
  • FG-MG-BG
  • Dynamism
  • Storytelling

Have a wonderful Spring Break!