Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Comics and Comics

Patton Oswalt, who--along with Dana Gould--is my favorite standup comic, delivered the following barn-burner of a speech at the beginning of the recent Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival. It's meant for standup comics and people in the comedy business, but I think it can apply to us. Quoting Doug Stanhope's tweet:

Comics - Please re-post over and over in every optimum time zone. For days and weeks and years.

We have an analogous situation in comics (that is, ugh, "sequential art narrative," or what-have-you). The gatekeepers (publishers) are much less important, or should be. We haven't had, that I'm aware of, a DIY breakthrough like Louis C.K.'s self-produced hit comedy CD and DVD "Hilarious." Entirely possible with commonly available technology, though. It's coming...