Thursday, September 06, 2012

Two VERY different Offerings

Courtesy of my good pal Ronn Sutton, an unmissable link for Kubert fans that reminds how close examination of Kubert's work, appreciative or analytical, is an encounter with the depth and breadth of his ability. I can only think of a handful of other artists whose every line was infused with such emotionality--and none other who balanced that with such formal and storytelling smarts and deep drawing knowledge.

I wouldn't be shocked if this link didn't stay up so, git ta downloadin', chillun!

Second, from the worthy comics newsite bleedingcool, a trailer for a digital comic that heralds the coming of a new open-source digital comics platform, supposedly, but comes off like middle-aged Limp Bizkit paired with an advertising storyboard, rather than a comic. (I've never heard of the similarly titled work that this one is inspired by.)

I give you former Marvel President Bill Jemas, and his new opus, "Get the F#ck Up"
Watch it with someone you love.

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